PCOS- Pregnancy risks, Prevention and Remedy

You must have ignored or felt irritated when your elders insisted to plan for babies earlier. It is very common among Indian households where both of the couple are working and living in Nuclear families. Their intentions and reasons might be different but they were not totally wrong. In today’s busy life, we hardly get any time for physical activity both in our personal and professional lives. As a result, we develop a sedentary lifestyle which leads to several physical problems.

One of such physical problems occurring to women is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome(PCOS), a metabolic disorder that happens to women of reproductive age. Reports suggest that PCOS are common among the South Asian descended women. At the child bearing age, almost 7% of women fall prey to this and leads to infertility. Earlier, the trend was mainly in the age group of above 35 years but now it has been observed even at the age of 15 years.
In 1935, the first interest was evolved on the issue of PCOS after Stein and …

Menarche- How should be a girl’s journey to womanhood!

“I was terrified, embarrassed and shocked”, shared Shanti, a teenager now, when she was asked about her experience of Menarche or first menstruation! She’s not the only one who went through this feeling. A large share of India’s girls stay unaware about menstruation before it starts and thus feels horrified and at a loss when it starts all of a sudden.

When does it start?
Menarche or first menstruation in Indian girls occur as early as 8 years and as late as even in 16 years. This variation happens depending on the geographic region, wealth status, nutrition, ethnic origin, social status and physique of the girl. So, don't panick if you girl starts menstruating even at the age of 8 years.
Early menarche causes
In young girls, early menarche may happen due to several environmental, social and health stress factors like-  Obesity and lack of physical activityIf the girl is exposed to smokingIf born with a low birth weightStress at home due to parental quarrelsTension due to father’s abs…

A Healthy Menopause through Diet and Lifestyle care

You might have seen your mother turning erratic, forgetful, complaining about joint pains, losing her sleep in your growing years and shouting at you sometimes without any reason. But these were never considered health issues that needed to be taken care of by a doctor. Did she ever take special care of her diet in her forties to prepare herself for menopause? Most of us will probably reply in negative! 

According to a study, the start of menopause can be advanced by almost one-and-a-half-years, if you’re consuming a lot of refined carbohydrates. The big culprits here are white pasta and rice. So, mind what you eat as it will determine the age of your menopause.
In the hustle bustle of life, women forget to take care of their own health while giving more attention to family and children. A little information and extra care can provide them a healthy life post menopause.
What is Menopause?
“There’s a misconception among many Indian women that menopause is the end of their femininity! But i…

Oral Health and hygiene during Pregnancy for Healthy Mother & Baby

A mother’s negligence towards oral health before or during pregnancy can lead to Low Birth weight, Miscarriage, premature delivery and Infant mortality! So, better take your teeth and other aspects of oral hygiene very seriously.

Oral Healthcare during planning of pregnancy
Your responsibility towards your health doubles when you plan to bring a life to this Earth! But sadly, when it comes to oral hygiene, the pregnant women in India still remain negligent. This is mostly due to lack of awareness and availability of timely information. It is important to educate ourselves about the importance of oral health during pregnancy and its effects on the mother and child health later on.
Dentists suggest a beforehand check-up of your oral health when you plan to get pregnant. Your dentist will check all the dental and oral tissue to confirm you don’t suffer from any periodontal (Pyorrhoea or gum) diseases. If there is any symptom, the treatment can be started immediately as a part of health care…

Basic dental care to avoid Big Oral problems

Do you know that a decayed teeth can lead to a heart attack or stroke?Yes, those with gum diseases, have twice the risk of a fatal heart attack than those with a healthy gum. Your oral hygiene gives not only a priceless big smile but an overall healthy life!
Oral health is still neglected in India which reflects through some data like only 2% of Indian population regularly visits dentist and only 50% Indians use a toothbrush. And, as a result, 95% of the Indian population suffers from ‘Periodontal Diseases’ (a chronic inflammatory ailment that destructs the tissues and structures around the teeth, in general Gum diseases). The bacteria in dental plaques causes the disease affecting the gums, alveolar bone and periodontal ligament. The quality of life gets threatened if these are not treated on time and gradual loss of teeth can lead to edentulism (toothless condition). Some common problems related to tooth are - Plaque  TartarEnamel ErosionDecayed teethCavitySensitivityGum Bleeding